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The Healing Power Of Drama

We had returned in the midst of the Iran-Iraq war and I was inconsolable, pining for my friends back in Spain. Then acting happened and the effect of theatre and film in my life was more potent than any imaginable potion. It kept me afloat, gave me hope, the motivation to carry on until I’d see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Once I had traced back my father’s steps in the Stanislavski system and rigorously completed an acting program, I was offered a part in what came to be the biggest blockbuster after the revolution. Even though I was never to conceive, from that point, I was destined to play mother after mother even at an age when this would not have been plausible.

This photo was taken by Goga Bayat (unrelated to me) on the set of "The Little Bird of Happiness" (directed by Pouran Derakhshandeh, produced by Sirous Taslimi) with Homa Rousta and Amin Tarokh.  

Fun fact: My friendship with Homa Rousta was not born out of our first film, but later on the set of "Tigh-e Aftab" in which we played mother-daughter and shared a suite in Esfahan for three months.



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