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On the business of acting

I love Inside the Actors Studio. It allows us to get a glimpse of the talent we have admired on screen as ordinary people with their own set of values. More often than not, we are not disappointed by the person behind the actor. One such occasion was when James Lipton interviewed Morgan Freeman aired on February 01, 2005. Grounded and dignified, the revered actor was honest, kind and spoke from the heart. At some point he addressed the audience of drama students with: “Dreams come true. Mine do. If you keep dancing, someone, at some point, will help you out.”

As all artists are perfectly aware of, in this industry, it’s that one right start that could secure the rest of a smooth career, whether your goal is to become a star or be remembered as a talented actor who knew this would be the only job she would ever want to do.

One of James Lipton’s final questions to the actors, asking them what other profession other than acting would they like to attempt, has the actors think of a second choice or alternative. I am yet to hear someone answer ‘none’.    

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