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Ana speaks your language

Ana Bayat is a professional, multilingual actress with vast experience in theatre, film, voice over and language coaching and consultancy.

Whether portraying an Italian mamma from the heart of Napoli, a Greek goddess thinking out loud, an Iranian émigré forced to readapt, a British curator questioning the grandeur of a historical figure, a Russian aristocrat on the verge of bankrupcy or a Kurdish peasant witnessing social injustice, Ana's stage and on-camera acting experience and international looks make her a versitile performer suitable for a vast range of roles.

Following in her father's footsteps, Ana trained in the Stanislavski system with direct students of the master himself. She also completed a post-graduate conservatory training program at Birmingham School of Speech and Dramatic Arts in the UK.

Ana has traveled extensively and lived in Barcelona, Tehran and London before settling down in San Francisco Bay Area. In addition to UK and US English, Ana is fluent in Spanish, Persian / Farsi and French and proficient in German, Italian and Catalan. Her natural aptitude for languages and accents and multicultural identity make her casting variability richly universal.

LISTEN to Ana's voice over demo in English, Spanish, French and Persian. 


Thanks to a matching grant from Neda Nobari Foundation in Innovative Arts, Ana is currently touring her award-winning solo show "Mimi's Suitcase" nationally. Her latest feature film was Waiting for Kiarostami (2016).


Access Ana's CV here or here:


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