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Language and Accent Coaching for Performers

A master linguist and published translator, Ana has extensive experience coaching foreign languages, translating and interpreting on a multilingual level including for subtitles for film and video. Sample work and references are available upon request. 

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Coaching requires skill, passion and a keen eye for performance. After all, it is about communication and in communication eloquence and manner of speech are important. What elements make a good voice or language coach? Just theory? Practice? A bit of both?

Observing and providing feedback is a passion that has to come from within. Whether coaching language teachers, actors or voice over artists, the combination of coaching a foreign language for a specific type of performance or project is an act of love.

I take a great deal of pleasure and passion in the process of coaching and in helping artists achieve their linguistic goals to enhance their overall work. This is why I love coaching for projects that require foreign language skills. They allows me to combine my multilingual skills and keen ear for accents with my theatrical and film background and provide the type of coaching session that bears genuine results.  After all, if you keep doing what you authentically love, the result can be nothing but success.


Quality translations matter

As an actor, casting director, producer, foreign language expert or coach, how often do you find yourself auditioning in foreign languages that don't seem natural or appear to have been translated by a machine lacking authenticity and sounding 'awkward'?

As an actor-linguist, I find it hard to turn off the editorial eye when going to on-camera and voice over auditions in Spanish or French. This is why I am eager to steer my translation ship toward a more focused service in audio-visual translation for:

  • Cinema and TV film scripts
  • Voice over
  • Subtitling

A good translation will not only help the actors in their delivery, but it will also do justice to the product being advertised, promoted or created, which in turns safaguards the client's reputation.

It's a win-win situation. Quality translations matter.